Cooking Tips

Birthday menus should bring you good lucks. Auspicious food for your special birthday. Whats your birthday?

Worshipers, lets go!!!! Check out which deity presides over your birthdays.

No matter how hot it is if you have Ice match Kuzukiri recipe

Believers cannot miss. If you want to enhance your luck, you must prepare such items

Raise your hand if you want to become a millionaire. Pointing a way to reach wealth.

Pampering Shabu Shabu lovers on the Valentines Day with a bouquet of Japanese translucent noodle

Sharing adorable ideas in sending love messages via desserts to celebrate St. Valentines Day.

If you still have no ideas how to convey your love message, send a heart-shaped waffle.

5 things to avoid on Chinese New Year Day in 2567 (2024) if you don't want to ruin your luck.

Ha-Gown, an auspicious Chinese menu. Soft and thinly wrapped shrimp dumplings.

Free list of auspicious desserts for offering to Chinese Gods on Chinese New Year Day. Enhance your fortune exponentially.

This Chinese New Year, which days are spending day, vacation day?

Believe or not? To quickly ripen avocados, you only need to store them in a paper bag along with bananas or apples.

Enhance sell exponentially, increase profit magically.

An appliance that you cannot cook without in a Thai kitchen is mortar and pestle, which are used to grind and mash ingredients.

There is no denial how popular Mala trend is nowadays.

Simple recipes. Absolute crowd pleasing for kids.

Goddess Lashmi: Bring good fortune, money influx. Also,

How to fry food to produce crispy surface with less greasy skins.

Festival days are big opportunities to generate big sells since most people are in the mood to shop.

Believers must ask for forgiveness on Bua Loy offering day or Tung Joui festival.

Gluten intolerance can cause skin inflammation.

Sharing Christmas Day menu, Christmas day sweets.

Let's open up the world of corns.

Gathering here for you. Avoid running into a big crowd (Don't say we didn't warn you)!!

Not so secret methods of how to tell which eggs are new and old.

Don't let yourself excessively stress. Tips to use 5 ingredients from your cupboard to help.

1. Avoid consuming the types of vegetable that have excessive aroma.2. Avoid consuming seasoned dishes.

Young coconut has sweetly aromatic coconut water, soft flesh. Both coconut water and flesh can be used in cooking.

Breakfast is an important meal. If you dont have much time, try making pancakes.

Use about 1 2 handfuls of sand mixed with ashes.

Mood swing, skin inflammation, malnutrition

Using a chopstick to fry food is better than using a spatula.

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