About us

With the knowledge that Thai rice is well-known and accepted worldwide for its tase and high quality, and that Thailand is, in fact, one of the top rice producers in the world, we saw an opportunity to add value to our country’s best-known product. Therefore, Bangkok Inter Food (BIF) was established in 1987 with an aim to manufacture rice-based products, pre-mixed powders and icing sugar under the Bai-Yok and Jing Jo Khoo brands. BIF have been known for producing consistently high-quality products, which are well-accepted by our clients domestically and internationally.


From then until now, with accumulated experience in production and sourcing of the best raw materials, we are able to invest and expand our business in developing frozen desserts, frozen Japanese food, soup, and sauce. The product line expansion also includes flour for making desserts and various types of noodles. These new products are manufactured under BIF, AKARI, RAKU, THAIFUKU and MISHOKU. All products have the quality and taste of BIF’s trademark of high standard. The frozen Japanese food reflects the authentic taste from Japan and are well-accepted by the top Japanese restaurants, which have selected our ingredients and products to be incorporated and featured in their menu. These products have continuously been in demand, not only in these restaurants, but also in many households. With decades of experience, we, therefore, have built an outstanding reputation of our products, and have continuously provided excellent services to meet customers’ satisfaction.

2530Built a factory at Sampran district, Nakorn Pathom province to manufacture flour products from rice, and sticky rice under Bai-Yok and Jing Jo Khoo brands.
2537Added a product line to include pre-mixed flour.
  • Expanded the production of pre-mixed flour.
  • Registered the products for HALAL with The Central Islamic Council of Thailand.
  • Received the food safety standard registry from HACCP (CAMPDEN).
  • Received THAILAND’S BAND trademark from Department of Export Promotion.
  • Jointly invested with DAISHO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. to import raw materials.
2543Received ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification from SGS (THAILAND) LIMITED.
2545Started manufacturing refrigerated food (Chilled Food) for convenience stores.
2546Started manufacturing frozen mochi and frozen gluten-free desserts.
2547Passed the GMP certification under National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (CAB).
2548Received Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TIS) trademark for rice flour products.
  • Switched the certification from GMP under CAB to SGS (THAILAND) LIMITED.
  • Received Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TIS) trademark for glutinous rice flour products.
  • Expand the factory to manufacture ready-to-eat frozen food.
2551Passed the GMP/HACCP Certification for ready-to-eat frozen food factory.
2552Established Food Service (HORECA).
2554Received the Standard Certification for KOSHER (Jewish food).
2556Started to implement FSSC 22000.
2557Add more products to include noodle, kuzukiri and rice pasta.
2558Received an Excellent Development of the year 2014 award plaque.
  • Received ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification from SGS (THAILAND) LIMITED.
  • Release Gluten Free products to the market.
2561Received ISO 9001:2015 Standard Certification.
2562Expand the scope of ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification to include manufacturing of noodle products.
2563Received Green Industry Certification (issued on 13/05/2563 and effective until12/05/2566).
2564Expand the scope of all standard certifications to cover manufacturing of icing products.
2565Develop all products categories to offer more varieties to meet customers’ ongoing demands.
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