Privacy Policy

1. Principles and objectives ("Website", "We") recognizes the importance of personal information and other information regarding service users ("Customers" or "You"), so that you can be confident that website There is transparency and accountability in collections. Use or disclose your information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2019 (the "Personal Data Protection Act"), including other related laws. This Personal Data Protection Policy ("Policy") has been created to explain to you the details regarding data collection. Use or disclose (collectively, "process").

2. Collection of personal information
    Personal information Refers to information about an individual from which that individual can be identified, directly or indirectly. We collect personal information only if necessary and use it only.

Personal data type
Details and examples
Personal information - First name, last name
- Gender
- Age
- Date of birth
- National identification number
- Photograph
Contact information - Postal address
- Email
- Phone number (including home phone number or mobile number)
- Social media accounts such as LINE ID (LINE ID), Facebook user account, Facebook ID (Facebook ID), Google ID (Google ID)
Financial information - Credit/debit card details such as first and last name on the card, card number, card expiration date Card provider bank name
- Bank account
- Tax invoice issuance
Technical information - IP Address
- MAC Address
- Record access information or track website usage behavior from Session ID
- Type and version of web browser

3. Source of personal information
We may collect your personal information through the following channels:
    3.1 Collect personal information directly from you.
        - When you apply for membership By filling out various information in forms, whether in document form, through websites, social media or through any channels
        - when you order products and services
        - when you fill out information through forms
        - when you fill out information through webboard threads
        - when you communicate, ask for information, give opinions or make recommendations for our products and services
        - When you choose to receive news or public relations media from us.
    3.2 Automatically collect personal information
        - When you visit or use a website that uses cookies (Cookies) or similar technology to collect technical information about your usage details
        - information that received from using the service and information related to the use of the service, such as information on the equipment used to use the service (IP Address & MAC Address)
    3.3 Collect your personal information from third parties. which is collected from such sources legally. or has received consent from the owner of personal data to disclose information to us, such as sending your personal data to us For the benefit of presentation or providing services to you and related business operations

4. Principles for collecting personal information

Legal base
in collecting data
For the performance of the contract Compliance with the sales contract between the Personal Data Controller ("We") and the Personal Data Owner ("You") in the area of ​​product payment. Including collecting your shipping address for us to deliver the product.
Consent of the owner of personal data For collection Use or disclose our personal information that requires consent By notifying the purpose of collecting, using or disclosing personal information first. or while requesting consent, such as collecting sensitive personal data that is not exempted by law Presentation and promotion of products and services Facilitation of service, etc.

5. Purpose of data collection

To facilitate the use of the website and the provision of services Providing convenience in ordering products Shipping Returning products and changing products
To answer questions and provide assistance to customers Providing assistance to customers related to service provision Improving customer information and submitting requests to exercise rights or various complaints
To develop and improve quality and service Analysis and development of products or services to be better and appropriate to the needs of customers
To provide information about products and services or marketing public relations Sending information about products and services To provide special privileges, promotions, discounts and special offers About the store's products and services To customers via email, SMS and post (when we have received your express consent)
For data analysis (Data Analytics) Using customer information to analyze the market and research the market to develop better products and services.
To prevent, detect and investigate crimes Inspection and any action To prevent violations of relevant laws. Including security breaches that affect the owner of personal data.


    We may share your anonymous information with the public or with our partners or for marketing purposes. Website performance analysis and operations Promotion or to display trends in the general use of our products and services.

6. Disclosure of personal information to outsiders
We may disclose personal information as necessary to third parties or agencies under the consent of the owner of that personal information. unless done within the framework given by law
    1. Transportation service provider
    2. Payment service provider
    3. Data analysis service provider Doing research for marketing
    4. Officials, government officials Government agencies with regulatory duties according to law or who are requested to disclose personal information by virtue of law or related to legal proceedings or as permitted by relevant laws

7. Personal data retention period
We will retain your personal information only for as long as required by law or as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. We will delete or destroy personal information. When it is seen that the data collection It is not necessary for the stated purpose.

8. Security of personal information
We recognize the importance of maintaining the security of your personal information. We therefore require appropriate measures to prevent the loss, access, destruction, use, change, modification, or unlawful disclosure of personal information. Electronic security certification based on SSL (Security Socket Layer) standards approved for websites by CA (Certificate Authority) is encrypted to protect information such as personal information, passwords, credit card numbers.

9. Rights of the owner of personal data

     1. Right to withdraw consent.
     You have the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data that you have given consent to us for throughout the period that your personal data is with us.
     2. Right of access to personal information (right of access)
     You have the right to request access to your personal information that is under our responsibility. and request that we make a copy of such information for you.
     3. Right to rectification of personal information.
     You have the right to request that your personal information be corrected. To be current and complete If you are already a member You can edit your personal information on the member details page.
     4. Right to erase personal information (right to erasure)
     You have the right to request that personal information be erased, destroyed or made non-personally identifiable information. or when that information is no longer necessary.
     5. Right to restrict the use of personal information (right to restriction of processing)
     You have the right to request a temporary suspension of the use of personal information in cases where we are investigating your request to exercise your right to request. Edit personal information or the right to object to the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal data.
     6. Right to data portability.
     You have the right to request your personal data. In the event that we make that information into a format that can be read or generally used by tools or devices that work automatically, including the right to request that information be sent or transferred in such format to another data controller.
     7 . Right to object to the processing of personal data (right to object).
     You have the right to object to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data.

In the case that you choose to object to the collection, request that it be deleted, destroying the rights previously granted. There may be an impact on the store's services that you will receive. We may not be able to provide some services.

You can exercise your rights as the owner of personal data above. By contacting us at and 028614805 we will consider and notify the results of consideration of rights exercise notify you within 30 days from the date we receive such request

10. Connections to external websites or services
Our website may contain links to external websites where those external websites may collect information about your use of the service. and your personal information We cannot be responsible for the security or privacy of information collected by external websites. You must check the privacy policies of those external websites. and follow the privacy policies displayed on those external websites instead.

11. In the event that you refuse to consent or not use your personal information.
We are required to collect personal information by law. or for entering into a contract between you and us If you do not consent to our use of personal information. You can still use our services. This may cause you to receive less convenience from using the service. This is because the company has not received consent to use personal information for the full purpose.

12. Changes to the Privacy Policy
This privacy policy may be revised or changed as appropriate to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act or other related laws. We therefore recommend that you check this Privacy Policy periodically for changes.

13. Contact details
If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like more details about our privacy policy, please contact us.

Personal Data Controller
Email :
Phone number: 028614805
Contact via form at

14. Deleting a user account
In the case where the user wants to delete the user account You can notify us to request deletion of your user account at any time. By sending an email to To proceed with deleting the user account After deleting the user account Your personal data on the server will be wiped and cannot be recovered.

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