Chinese New Year 2567 (2024) Calendar


Chinese New Year 2567 (2024) Calendar

This Chinese New Year, which days are spending day, vacation day?

Spending day or Tue Lek day is on 8 February 2567 (2024).
Spending on things to offer to Chinese Gods on the New Year.  For example, auspicious fruits, and food, such as pork, mushroom, duck, chicken, and various other auspicious items.

Worship day or the last day of the year per Chinese calendar is on 9 February 2567 (2024).
This is the day, when people hold a worship ceremony to offer auspicious food, fruits, and other auspicious items to various Chinese Gods.

Vacation day or the New Year Day of the Chinese descendants is on 10 February 2567 (2024).
People leavesthe house to visit places and elder relatives to receive well-wishes.  It’s common to wear new outfits or a red Chongsam dress.

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