Bua Loy offering day or Tung Joui festival


Bua Loy offering day or Tung Joui festival

Bua Loy offering day or Tung Joiu festival

Believers must ask for forgiveness on Bua Loy offering day during 07:19 – 17:56, which is set on Thursday, December 22, 2566, inclusive of Mau Yun and Tung Joui.

Bua Loy offering festival or Tung Joui festival
      Is the festival day to change into the Winter season.  It’s the shortest day that the Sun stays out or the peak of the Winter season.  Bua Loy offering festival is the last festival for the Thai-Chinese ethnics in the Chinese calendar year.

      Whereby Bua Loy or Kanom E is normally made during the festival to offer gratitude to the sky and the earth, Pueng Tao Gong, Tee Joo Eia (God of the Earth) for giving every family member smooth and peaceful life throughout the year and also to ask for protection of everyone in the family.

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