"Opening" a Mala Shabu restaurant, ingredients you will need.


"Opening" a Mala Shabu restaurant, ingredients you will need.

“Opening a Mala Shabu restaurant”, what ingredients will you need?

·         Soup base: Mala soup base, Black soup base, Mushroom soup base, and Pork bone soup base.

·         Meat: Pork, Chicken, Beef, Squid, Shrimp, Chicken intestines, and Pork intestines.

·         Processed food: Imitated crab meat, Fish tofu, Meatball, Crispy pickle squid, Fried bean curd skin.

·         Fresh vegetables: Enoki mushroom, Cabbage, Morning glory, Bok choy, Young corn.

·         Various noodle types: Chinese translucent noodle, Japanese translucent noodle, Udon, Potato noodle, Konjac noodle.

·         Serving sauces: Mala sauce, Sukiyaki sauce, Sesame sauce, and Original homemade sauce.


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