Tips & Recipes

Sweet and creamy with umami flavor of Thai desserts.

Birthday menus should bring you good lucks. Auspicious food for your special birthday. Whats your birthday?

Worshipers, lets go!!!! Check out which deity presides over your birthdays.

No matter how hot it is if you have Ice match Kuzukiri recipe

Believers cannot miss. If you want to enhance your luck, you must prepare such items

Raise your hand if you want to become a millionaire. Pointing a way to reach wealth.

Pampering Shabu Shabu lovers on the Valentines Day with a bouquet of Japanese translucent noodle

Sharing adorable ideas in sending love messages via desserts to celebrate St. Valentines Day.

If you still have no ideas how to convey your love message, send a heart-shaped waffle.

5 things to avoid on Chinese New Year Day in 2567 (2024) if you don't want to ruin your luck.

Kanom Tuoy Foo, an auspicious dessert greeting Chinese New Year Day. Bringing prosperity.

Ha-Gown, an auspicious Chinese menu. Soft and thinly wrapped shrimp dumplings.

Tapioca dessert for offering to Lord Chai Sing Ear or God of Fortune.

Free list of auspicious desserts for offering to Chinese Gods on Chinese New Year Day. Enhance your fortune exponentially.

This Chinese New Year, which days are spending day, vacation day?

Free fried banana recipe, Jade Leaf brand. DIY recipe.

Believe or not? To quickly ripen avocados, you only need to store them in a paper bag along with bananas or apples.

A popular side dish. Chewy chicken tendons marinaded with flavorful spices and fry until crispy.

Enhance sell exponentially, increase profit magically.

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