Finest Glutinous Rice Flour, Jade Leaf Brand


500g x 20bags

Brand : Jade Leaf


Glutinous Rice flour processed by wet milling.  Made from 100% glutinous rice grains (Oryza sativa family).  Gluten-free.  The flour is slightly cream in color.  It gives smooth and glutinous texture when used to make desserts or various other end products.

Glutinous Rice flour contains high Amylopectin level.  Suitable for making dessert and sweets, that require glutinous texture (e.g., Kanom Bua Loy, Kanom Tien, Moji).

1. Produced from natural raw materials
2. Bleach-free and chemical-free processing
3. Gluten-free
4. Non allergen
5. Non genetically modification (Non-GMO)
6. Give glutinous texture to end products
7. Has the stability of gel and suitable for freezing 

1. Use in dessert and other sweet treats (e.g., Kanom Bua Loy, Kanom Keng, Kanom Tien, Moji).
2. Use in Dim Sum.
3. Use in deep-frying products.
4. Increase glutinous texture in end products.

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