Paprika Fried Chicken


Paprika Fried Chicken

Paprika fried chicken


  • Rice flour, Jade Leaf brand 45g
  • Chicken breast 300g
  • Seasoning powder 2g
  • Ground paprika 30g
  • Soy sauce 5g
  • Water 120g
  • White sesame 15g
  • Oil for frying
1. Rinse chicken breasts. Then, cut into bite-sized pieces and put in a mixing bowl.
2. Add seasoning powder, ground paprika, soy sauce, and white sesame in the bowl and mix to combine.
3. Add rice flour, Jade Leaf brand and water into the same bowl. Then, mix to combine.
4. Add oil in a pan and heat up to boil. Add the marinated chicken to fry.
5. Fry until the chicken is cooked and yellow. Remove from the pan and rest on a rack to drain the oil. Then, ready to serve.

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