Pork ribs porridge


Pork ribs porridge

Pork ribs porridge
Ingredients for soup

  • Pork bone soup base, Mishoku 200g
  • Water 1,000g
  • Pork neck, diced 500g
  • Fresh shitake mushroom, sliced 200g
Ingredients for rice
  • Japanese rice 500g
  • Water 700g
1. Boil water and soup base in a pot. Then, add pork and mushrooms.
2. Continue simmering until pork is tender.
3. Rinse Japanese rice a few times until water is clear. Drain.
4. Add water to the drained rice and let stand for 30 minutes. Start cooking the rice after the 30 minutes are reached.
5. Spoon the cooked rice into a bowl, follow with the soup. Decorate with Japanese green onion and serve.


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