Fried dough (Patonkoh)


Fried dough (Patonkoh)

1. All-purpose flour 700g
2. Granulated sugar 87g
3. Water 740g
4. Rice flour, Jade Leaf brand 300g
5. Fine salt 20g
6. Ammonia bicarbonate 18g

Tips for frying
1. Stretch the dough before frying.  While frying, keep turning the dough from side to side.  These tricks make the dough turn out hollow and crispy.
2. Make sure that the oil is at the right temperature before dipping the dough in.  If the oil is too hot, the dough will not puff up and will burn before the inside is fully cooked.
3. Set the heat to medium low to fry.  If too hot, the dough will burn before fully cooked.



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