Chewy pancake


Chewy pancake

Chewy pancake
Ingredients for pancake stuffing
· Purple yam 200g
· Granulated sugar 2 tbsp
· Sweet condensed milk 2-3 tbsp
· Salt, sparingly
Ingredients for pancake
· Glutinous rice flour, Jade Leaf brand 200g
· Boiling water 200g
· Granulated sugar 25g
· White sesame, raw 1 cup 

1. Steam purple yam until cooked.  Mash the yam and mix with sweet condensed milk, sugar, and salt.  Set aside until cool.  Roll into small balls, about 25g each.
2. Add glutinous rice flour and baking powder in a mixing bowl and combine.  Then, gradually add boiling water.  Boiling water is necessary as the dough should be partially cooked at this point.
3. Keep kneading the dough until soft and no longer sticky to your hands or to the mixing bowl.
4. Once the dough is ready, roll into small balls at 35g each.  Then, flatten each ball into a thin sheet and put a yam ball on top of each sheet.  Wrap the sheet to cover each yam ball.  Roll, then flatten into a round shape.  Coat in white sesame.
5. Heat a pan on low.  Add oil or butter.  Once heated, fry the dough both sides until cooked.  Ready to serve.


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