Potato Starch, Jade Leaf Brand


500g x 20bags

Brand : Jade Leaf


Produced from potatoes that have passed thru a careful selection process.  High level of starch.
Fine creamy colored powder.  When cooked, will transform to clear stabilized gel with high level of gooeyness.  Give shinier texture than tapioca starch.

1. Produced from natural raw materials.
2. Gluten free.
3. Non genetically modification (Non-GMO).
4. Provide stability, shininess, and high level of gooeyness.
5. Increase gooeyness, stability and shine in soup, dessert and food quite well.

1. Suitable for products that need gooeyness and stability texture.
2. Used in making food that need gooeyness, high stability and shininess texture (such as, Fish Maw Soup, Rad-Na, Or-Suan, etc.).
3. Used as an ingredient in making sauces, and soups.

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