Corn Starch, Jade Leaf brand


500g x 20bags

Categories : Flour Corn Starch All product

Brand : Jade Leaf


Produced from corns that have passed through the finest selection process.  Contains high level of starch.  Fine powder texture and creamy in color.  When cooked, it turns into gel-like substance, dense, tacky, and shiny.

1. Produced from natural materials
2. Gluten free
3. Non-GMO
4. Provide considerable adhesiveness
5. Increase density and tackiness
6. Provide crispiness in deep fried products

1. Use in various dessert recipes (stuffing for breads that require creaminess, Kaya, etc.)
2. Increase density in soup
3. Increase crispiness and yellow color to deep fried products
4. Use as an ingredient to marinade various meats to give soft and bouncy texture.
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