Tapioca Starch, Jade Leaf Brand


400g x 24bags

Brand : Jade Leaf


Produced from cassava roots that have passed thru a careful selection process. High level of starch. Fine white powder appearance. When cooked, will result in gooey, sticky, transparent and shiny substance.

1. Produced from natural raw materials.
2. Gluten free.
3. Non genetically modification (Non-GMO).
4. Provide good adhesive.
5. Increase gooeyness and shine in soup, dessert and food.

1. Use in desserts that need transparent and gooey texture (such as, Kanom Mun, Kanom Chun, Tub Tim Grob, Lod Chong Singapore).
2. Use in food that needs gooeyness and shine (such as, Fish Maw Soup, Rad Na, Or Suan).
3. Increase gooeyness, stickiness and shine in products that need such texture.
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