Rice Flour, Kangaroo Brand


500g x 20bags

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Brand : Kangaroo


Rice flour processed by wet milling.  Made from 100% rice grains (Oryza sativa family).  Gluten-free.  Once cooked by steaming or boiling, will produce white, opaque, and gel-like substance.  Can be easily molded into shapes.  Provide soft and effortless biting texture.

Rice flour contains high Amylose level.  Suitable for various dessert products, noodle and pasta products.  Also, help to increase crispiness to other various products.

1. Produced from natural raw materials
2. Bleach-free and chemical-free processing
3. Gluten-free
4. Non allergen
5. Non genetically modification (Non-GMO)
6. Long lasting crispiness for deep frying products
7. Easily moldable for noodles or dessert and sweet products

1. Make desserts and various sweet treats (e.g., Kanom Chun, Gui Chai, Kanom Pak Mor, Kanom Tan).
2. Add crispiness to various fried food menus to make them crispy longer (dip and fry).
3. Use as ingredients for cereal and snack.
4. Make noodles.
5. Make gluten-free pasta and use as part of gluten-free bakery.
6. Use in sauce and soup.
7. Use as an ingredient to increase the gumminess texture in food.
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