Tips on food that enhance your luck, health...


Tips on food that enhance your luck, health...

Monday: Karaage flour
Enhance wealth and fortune.
Recommended dishes: Stir-fired chicken with basil, Chicken rice, or any chicken dishes on Monday.

Tuesday: Kuzukiri translucent Japanese noodle
Enhance long-lasting love.
Recommended dishes: Noodle dishes, Kanom Jean (Fermented Noodle), Pad Thai.

Wednesday: Japanese style soup
Enhance health, and immune system.
Recommended dishes: Shabu Shabu.

Thursday: Pancake mix flour
Enhance married life to fill with more romance.
Recommended dishes: Pancake, Steamed Thai Pudding.

Friday: Chive mix flour
Enhance current career path for a long and secure future.
Recommended dishes: Salad, Steamed Chive Cake.

Saturday: Seafood batter mix flour
Enhance business negotiations and customer relationships for even better sells.
Recommended dishes: Fried Oyster Pancake, or Fried Seafood Pancake.

Sunday: Large tapioca
Enhance finance to bring in cashflow.
Recommended dishes: Tapioca in sweetened coconut milk, Tako Anchan (Water chestnut and Butterfly pea in sweetened coconut milk), Bua Loy and Tapioca in sweetened coconut milk.

*However, it should be noted that consuming all 5 main food categories in appropriate amount is recommended in order to maintain your optimal health.

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